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Currently Accepting Commissions

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Custom artwork is very personal and challenges the artist to deliver the style, accuracy, and price point you are looking for.

Previously I have worked as a freelance artist for a local interior designer as well as a custom home builder and I know the importance of  teamwork and understanding the vision of others.

As a Juried Member of the American Academy of Equine Artists you must be proficient in landscape, portraiture, and equine in order to be accepted.      

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We start with your idea - so send me a message under contacts and we will discuss your wants and needs.  I have different price points available depending upon the complexity of your request.  My range of pricing is determined based on things like the degree of detail required and the style chosen (horse, rider, tack, additional figures, cattle, etc.) would be priced higher than a single horse portrait of the same size).  Signature series work (more detail) is priced higher than looser studies.  

Thank you for your kind interest!  Carolyn

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"Madi & Reys"

George & Jennifer Canyon Collection

"Oakley Canyon"

George & Jennifer

Canyon Collection

*Just for Artists...

Hello fellow artist!  If you are wanting feedback with how to price your art I am happy to weigh in.  Drop me a note on here or go to my fb page (just click the link) and message me your image and I will help if I can!  Also, I have benefited so much from networking with other artists, and I highly recommend Adeline Halvorson's  as she is an excellent instructor and a master level artist!  All the best creative wizards!  (please no "pretend" client requests :)  Carolyn

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