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Color, brush strokes, and composition - all developed from a relentless need to push further and incorporate the traditional beauty of the horse with contemporary abstract elements.  The intent is to convey the passion, energy and story through her work.

It has led to great adventures such as live art performance for charities....where she literally morphs into an entertainer and dances barefoot while throwing paint!  This she could not do as "herself" she allows the artist in her to emerge and stay right in the moment....without fear....and just paint, and it is exhilarating!

Her art tells the story of  her love of the horse.  Those that connect with her art connect because of that shared love.   She has a strong aversion to fitting into any particular box - hence she has branded herself THE BOX OF CHOCOLATES ARTIST - "you never know what you are going to get"


"My work is a reflection of my soul, and my soul seeks challenge, growth, discovery and to be allowed to pursue the creative moment!  There are  many stories to tell through artwork...and not every story is told the same way.........."

Carolyn Sinclair

IMG_7016 (2).JPG

Spruce Meadows Canada 150 Performance Art

$5000 raised for Leg Up Foundation


Unity (4x5ft).  Circles represent many things in nature; the sun, a bird's nest, the circle of life.  I wanted to incorporate a strong, image (of our three horses connected) along with the shape and flow of the circle to best represent the connectivity of the subject matter.

"Full Circle" (below)  37 " x 77" private collection

Full Circle 2.jpg
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